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Prudential & DiMe Media Kick Off National #WomenInspired Workshops

Houston was the first stop with a focus on helping moms rethink their financial planning

As part of the “Bring Your Challenges” initiative, Prudential together with our DiMe Media team launched the first ‘Women Inspired’ workshop in Houston on June 23rd as part of a national tour. The tour is designed to empower multicultural women entrepreneurs for career and financial success. The intimate gathering included Latina and African American social media influencers for an afternoon of conversation designed to motivate each other by sharing the stories, fears and goals impacting their daily life and financial planning.

The ladies answered questions and shared insights, including providing tips from their own experiences, in a ‘jump on the couch’ fashion. A large red couch served as the stage for each of the ladies to take their turn sharing and inspiring others. The Houston event even inspired a group of influencers from San Antonio to carpool together for the three-hour drive to participate.

Prudential Houston #WomenInspired


“Attending the Prudential ‘Women Inspired” event in Houston has motivated me to rethink how I will spend and save money,” said San-Antonio based Kristina Nunez of “Financial security should be a top priority for all of us.”

The event also attracted the mother and daughter influencer team of Elayna Fernandez of and her teen daughter Elisha Fernandez of When asked why she wanted to attend the event with her daughter, Elayna provided these thoughts: “I am grateful for the safe, intimate platform to share our dreams and challenges and I was especially moved by experiencing it with my daughter, who reminded us that our kids our watching our every move and they learn with our example.


Following the Houston stop, the tour moves on to Chicago in July, San Francisco in September (to coincide with FinnCon) and ends at Prudential’s headquarters in Newark, New Jersey this October during Hispanic Heritage Month. The Prudential ‘Women Inspired’ campaign has videos and resources online for everyone to access: Join the conversation via hashtag #WomenInspired, and encourage other women to take control of their financial future in all aspects of their lives.

‘Our goal through Prudential’s ‘Women Inspired’ campaign is to understand the specific challenges that multicultural women face and then empower them with financial solutions so they can be confident they are making the right decisions for themselves and their families,” said Dorinda Walker, Vice President of Consumer Strategy & Key Initiatives, Multicultural Marketing, Prudential’s U.S. Businesses.

Rooted in Research

The ‘Women Inspired’ program is partially based on various studies conducted by Prudential including the 2014 “Hispanic American Financial Experience” study that found Hispanic Americans are moderately confident but face long-term financial planning challenges.

According to the study Hispanics identify more as savers than investors, with 37% indicating they are more of a “saver” than an “investor.” However, nearly as many (36%) say they are “neither a saver nor an investor.” When considering family finances such as household expenses, health care costs, savings and debt level—all near-term concerns—are ranked as higher concerns than retirement. For Latinos, family finances are often multigenerational and global, as evidenced by one in six supporting parents and 42% of non-U.S. born sending money to relatives in their home country.

With so many Latinas working full time to support their families and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, the Women Inspired national tour aims to arm them with the knowledge needed to get to that next level of financial investment and long-term savings.

Remember to join the conversation via hashtag #WomenInspired, and let us know if you can join us in the upcoming city tour stops of Chicago, San Francisco and Newark, NJ!